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Hello there, we are excited you found us! We are your Flooring Butler here in Kansas City. We believe we exist to serve you and you can expect excellent communication! This has led to us becoming the highest-rated and most-reviewed flooring company in Kansas City. No other company with a five-star rating has more reviews than us!

Since you clicked on this page, you are likely wondering “Who are these guys?” As you keep reading, you will read why we started the company in the first place, who we are, and what makes us different.

Nick, his wife Jill, and their three kids moved from Utah to Kansas City because they felt there was more opportunity to thrive and become the people they wanted here in Kansas City than if they stayed in Utah. (It didn’t hurt that Utah’s average home price soared to over $500,000 either!)

Flooring Butler is not a franchise. Nick started it from scratch to solve a problem. A problem that is unfortunately common to most people who have hired contractors. The problem as we see it, is communication. Most problems can be prevented, solved, or minimized with good communication. Think of your poor experience with your last contractor. Could better communication have improved the process, solved any problems, or eased some of the concerns you had during the project?

Nick started this company to solve that problem! While living in Utah, Nick purchased 3 houses with the intent to fix them up and keep them long-term as rentals. It is also important to note that a hard money loan was used at 14% interest (yikes!) to buy the properties and fix them up.

The next step was to hire a contractor. The realtor who helped buy the property was also our property manager and our contractor. Because they helped us to acquire the property and to manage it, we figured they would be the logical choice to be our contractor to fix them up. They gave us a bid for $10,000. Because we had been working so closely with them, they understood that we were acquiring the property with hard money and had a short timeline. They assured us that they would be able to complete the project in three weeks. This timeline was very reasonable to us we excitedly gave them our money.

Unfortunately, they stopped communicating and it took three months to get them to even start on the project. During that three-month period when we were expecting him to be performing the work, and sending us updates, all we had was radio silence. I would check in weekly to see if there was an update. Probably because they didn’t have any. They would just ignore us as frustrations were mounting and communication was going unanswered. I would call them daily and send them frustrated text messages. (I’m sure they didn’t want to respond now!)

A humorous interaction we had was a text I sent late one night. I texted the project manager “Dude! What is going on? We need an update from you guys.” he immediately called me and was offended that I would use the term “dude”. He said he was in the military and had not been called anything so unprofessional. This was surprising to me because that word does not seem offensive and I imagined more vulgar terms thrown around in a military setting. For whatever reason this phone calls seemed to spur them into action. The project took longer than they promised to start and to complete. We eventually sold these properties to recoup our investment and rehab costs so we could walk away. As you can imagine, we no longer wanted to work with this construction company/project manager/property manager.

From these experiences, Flooring Butler was born! A contractor who would communicate exceptionally well to solve problems before they came up and to quickly calm fears when common construction problems arise. We believe that helping customers have a great experience should not be so difficult. Answering your phone is a low bar but an essential aspect of a construction company. Additionally, we would provide the quickest turnaround times possible. Most of our projects take one to two days to complete.

Another business here in Kansas City became a mentor and friend to Nick and Flooring Butler. They shared a story about Buffalo. When a storm comes many animals run from it buffalo, on the other hand, run into the storm because they know running alongside it will make it last longer. Running into the storm makes it end quickly we want to be like the buffalo and solve problems quickly. it is a better experience for our customers and for us personally to handle problems quickly so they don’t fester and stick around longer.

We chose the name Flooring Butler because we believe we exist to serve you. We love the image of a butler, somebody who serves and we try to carry that mentality with us into every project we do.

We invite you to reach out and schedule your free estimate so you can experience the difference between a flooring contractor and a Flooring Butler! You can contact us by going to our website at flooringbutler.com to schedule your free estimate. You can also call or text us for a quicker response at 816-520-0690 with any questions, comments, or concerns. We respond immediately to answer your questions, schedule your estimate, or start searching for a flooring product. You are looking for.

We are confident that you will enjoy your experience working with Flooring Butler. So much so that we are offering to beat any competitor’s price. we are doing this because we want you to experience our communication, skilled installation, and our desire to serve you. We are so confident that you will enjoy your experience that we believe you will likely refer us to your family and friends, and leave us a review, and a testimonial.

In case you missed it, we invite you to reach out to us at 816-520-0690 to schedule your free estimate. You can also go to www.flooringbutler.com to send us a message and we will reach out to you immediately.