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Here at Flooring Butler , we offer many services. The most popular service is hardwood floor refinishing, and installation. Next we install luxury vinyl plank, carpet, tile, stone, and we build showers.

One thing we are proud of is being able to help customers who have multiple services they need. Rather than finding multiple contractors to perform each service, they can come to us, and we will help them with all of them. We are the Flooring Butler for a reason, we exist to serve the customer, and we want to help them with each aspect of their flooring project. It is also easier for the customer when they only have one person to communicate with, pay, and is in control of the entire project.

Flooring Butler was founded in 2022 by Nick Elg. Nick was originally from Utah but relocated to Kansas City because he and his family felt there was more opportunity in Kansas City for them than had they stayed in Utah. Nick and his family believe in God and that he provided the way for them to successfully relocate and start this business from scratch. Next experience began in real estate with rental property and property management. Dealing with contractors taught Nick what experience he did not want others to have. Nick feels very blessed to be in the great state of Missouri/Kansas, and be amongst such great and faithful people.
Flooring Butler sells flooring materials and provides installation services for hardwood refinishing, luxury, vinyl plank, carpet, tile, stone, and hardwood install installation. Furthermore, we do install tile on walls for backsplash, showers, and accent walls. Many homes in Kansas City have hardwood floors and either want to add more hardwood flooring to the rest of their home, or refinished, the existing wood for a fresh look, and a stronger layer of finish.

Again, I want to re-emphasize that we do sell flooring materials. We are able to purchase materials from wholesalers and distributors and pass on great savings to our customers here in Kansas City. If you need Carpet, we can purchase almost directly from Shaw and engineered floors, which makes Dreamweaver.

If you need a hardwood, we have a supplier who sells us raw wood. We commonly work with red, oak and white oak. Occasionally we will run into projects that need maple, ash, walnut, and other wood species. And for homes that want to do a herringbone pattern we can work with the supplier to get the pieces cut to the length we need and they do deliver the materials to your home. This is important so the wood can acclimate for a period of time before we do the installation.

Rising and popularity, luxury, vinyl plank, luxury, vinyl tile, and laminate are a popular alternative to wood floors. One great benefit of vinyl flooring is the ability to have wider planks. Additionally, many luxury vinyl plank, options, boast the benefit of being 100% waterproof.

Carpet has long been a popular option within many homes. The soft comfort and warmth that Carpet provides is second to none.

Tile is also a timeless option that is great in areas with sources of water. Tile is not as common in the Kansas City area common, but is still a great Flooring selection specially for those who are accustomed to having Tile in their homes previously.

Stone is another option. We can install homes on their fireplace. Homeowners want to upgrade the look of their living room/dining room by adding stone to their fireplace. It is a bold look that can dramatically change the appearance of a room.

In addition to these flooring materials, we can install new spindles, railings, and posts in your home. It is common when we are doing flooring projects that we need to remove and reinstall spindles. Often our customers that have wood spindles like us to remove them and replace them with metal spindles for a more modern look.

When hiring Flooring Butler for your flooring project, there are different timelines, depending on the type of flooring material used. Hardwood is generally a week long process. Demolition and installation. Generally occupied the first day of the project. Day two include sanding, the floor, and potentially applying stain. Day, three with a water-based finish, includes two coats Applied that day. Day four is the final day of the project where the floor gets the final coat of finish applied. Following the last day of finish being applied, we recommend keeping shoes off the floor for three days furniture should also stay off for three days, pets should also stay off of the floor for this time period. Rugs should also stay off of the floor for a minimum 30 days following the project to allow the floor to cure fully. Furniture can be brought in after three days and we do recommend putting felt pads on the bottom to protect the floor from scratches.

Flooring Butler was started in response to a poor contractor experience the owner hired. The contractor was hired to perform exterior work on three houses that were side-by-side. The contractor promised the work would be done within three weeks of giving the deposit. This contractor was also a property manager, and knew , the owner bought the properties with hard money which meant 14% interest and a strong desire to turn the project quickly. After handing over $10,000 this contractor began communicating poorly, wouldn’t answer phone calls or text messages. in short, this contractor didn’t start the project for three months and took almost one year to complete. 

The owner, Nick, when he started Flooring Butler believed communication could solve 90% of problems before they began. Furthermore, he believed the 10% of problems that would arise due to construction being an imperfect process could be improved greatly by communicating well.

Flooring Butler serves the Kansas City metro area. If you are within one hour of downtown Kansas City, we will come to you for a free estimate.

As a final reminder, if you are looking to update the flooring, showers, spindles in your home we invite you to reach out to us at 816-520-0690 or you can go to our website which is And send us a message there. We would be happy to come to your home, , samples, and Provide a free estimate. We look forward to serving you soon!