In the photos above, you see a project we completed for Mrs. Mary. Mary found us on Google and was also referred to us by some people on her neighborhood Facebook page and she was impressed with our Google reviews.

For her project, she wanted to continue the hardwood she had in her kitchen into her living room office and bedroom. She also wanted us to tile her sunroom. She also wanted us to look at her fireplace and potentially putting tile or stone on it.

For the tile project, we removed the carpet she had in the sunroom, we screwed down the subfloor to make sure we removed any movement that we could control and to remove squeaks. We installed a backer board for the tile to go on top of and installed the tile. Selected the tile for the sunroom and the stone for the fireplace from a local store which we picked up and brought to the job site for her.

For the hardwood, we first had to prepare the job site by putting up plastic to help with dust containment. We removed all of the existing carpet that she had in those main areas. We also removed the pillars she had underneath her fireplace mantle to give it a more modern look. We explained that as we removed it, there would be unfinished parts that would need to be sanded or painted to make it look finished, which we would not be able to complete, but we could refer a painter.

We also had to remove all of the spindles at the handrail, we had to remove the header board that divided, the kitchen, wood and the living room and additionally, we had to remove boards, intermittently across the point where the hardwood stopped originally so we could lace in Newwood, and make it look like it was always Installed from edge to edge.

Once all of the hardwood was installed, we sanded the floors down to get them flat. We showed her samples so she could select what stain color she wanted to move forward with and we applied staying across the whole floor. This project she chose a water-based finish. She chose the water-based finish, the lighter floor color, she selected would always remain that color, rather than choosing an oil based finish which would Amber and become more yellow and orange overtime. We applied three coats of water-based finish to her floors.

After the flooring was refinished, we installed all of the base shoe trim. She also hired us to move her furniture back which we did carefully and put felt pads on the bottom of her furniture. Some of the final touches included putting silicone where the hardwood met up with tile in the entryway and in her master bathroom.

Tim M

This customer unfortunately had a water loss happen, which ruined all of the hardwood floor. They had on the first level of the home, and all of the flooring and shower that was in the basement. RESTORATION contracted with us to redo all of the flooring on the main floor, the flooring in the basement, and the shower in the basement.

They had a wide-plank white oak number two common hardwood on the main floor. We found this information by contacting the builder of the home and were able to buy the wood from the same mill to give us the best chance of matching the hardwood that was there previously, and that was still on the second floor.

In addition to the hardwood floors on the main floor, we installed vents that were flushed with the floor, fixed some broken tiles on the fireplace, and replaced a tile on the backsplash that was broken during the demolition and dry-out process.

In the basement and the landing going downstairs, they selected luxury vinyl plank flooring. Since the basement was concrete, we installed a moisture barrier and sound dampen membrane called Sound Buffer Pro. This membrane would help with any moisture issues in the future along with improving the quality of the flooring as you walk across it. Many vinyl products have a cheap clicking sound. You hear when it is installed over concrete. For this reason, we installed the sound buffer Pro.

Finally, the last part of the project was the bathroom in the basement. We had to help the customer select a new tile for the shower. They selected tile from two local companies in Kansas City which we picked up and delivered to the job site. They selected a white subway-looking tile for the walls and a hexagon mosaic tile for the floor. We did use a white Schluter strip for the edge of the shower on both sides and in the niche for the shower curb, we used a white Carrera sill.

While it wasn’t ideal that the customer had the water loss, we helped make the experience smooth for both the customer and the restoration company who contracted us because we were able to complete all three tasks, and they only had to manage one contractor. We also believe the three benefits of working with us are 1. Excellent communication 2. We believe we exist to serve you. 3. The highest-rated and most-reviewed flooring company in Kansas City. 4. a bonus benefit is we can handle all types of projects

We believe excellent communication can solve 90% of problems before they arise. The other 10% of problems that occur due to construction being an imperfect process can also be resolved with excellent communication. When a customer has concerns or issues happen, the thing that makes it worse is the contractor not responding, not communicating what the plan is, and not explaining what options are available. Our customers choose us. They can be confident we will communicate set expectations, and help them understand what to expect at every step in the process.

We believe we exist to serve you. This sets us apart because we don’t exist just to make money. As your Flooring Butler, we will go out of our way to make sure you are satisfied, answer any questions you have, refer you to other professionals that you may need, and we will ask if there’s anything else we can do to help.

Being the highest-rated and most-reviewed flooring company is significant. There is a lot of trust that has been developed over time so we can hold this title. It also means that until now we have put our customers first. We don’t claim to be perfect and we have certainly made our share of mistakes, but we have handled our mistakes and worked to satisfy our customers. we also believe that you can trust us just the hundreds of other customers have before you.

We believe offering each type of flooring is a benefit to our customers because they can hire one professional, and we will manage the whole project and it’s different parts. it can be easy to have one good contractor, but the odds of hiring three separate contractors and everything going smoothly are unlikely. There is a communication breakdown of who needs to do what first and whose responsibility it is. When you hire us, we will handle the whole project from start to finish.