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Do you do more than hardwood floor refinishing?

yes! We do sell flooring materials and provide installation for hardwood, carpet, vinyl, and tile


What areas do you service?

We service the Kansas City metropolitan area. If you are within 1 Hour Dr. time from Kansas City downtown, give us a call at 816-520-0690.


How quickly can you get to my project?

Once you call us, we can have your estimate scheduled within the week. And we are typically booked two weeks out for your project. This works because most flooring materials need to be shipped in which takes about a week to a week and a half.


How long does it take to refinish hardwood floors?

refinishing hardwood floors is a pretty in-depth process. We tell customers generally to plan on a week process.

  • Day one: we are putting up plastic, prepping the floor, and doing the sanding and installation
  • Day two: we are applying the stain
  • Day three: we are applying two coats of water-based finish
  • Day four: we are applying the final coat of water-based finish

After this, we typically recommend waiting three days before walking on the floor with shoes, allowing pets back into the home, returning furniture to the home. Rugs also should stay off for a minimum of 30 days.


I want to pay you more money because I really enjoyed working with you! Is that OK?

Absolutely! We love doing great work for great people. I could about this being a frequently asked question, but we do honor our quoted price. Pries do happen that are unforeseen, but if it was something we could have reasonably known and estimated, then we won’t raise our prices.


Do you also sell flooring materials?

Yes! We do sell flooring materials, in addition to providing the labor to install them. We buy our materials from local wholesale and distributors that sell to many of the big box stores here in Kansas City. because we buy from the same suppliers as many of the big box stores, we are able to pass on our savings because we don’t have the same overhead that they have.


How are you different from your competition?

The three main benefits of working with us are:

  • We are the highest rated most reviewed flooring company in Kansas City. We have the most reviews that are all five stars.
  • We are the best, communicating flooring company in Kansas City
  • As a Flooring Butler, we believe we exist to serve you. This value of ours is our Northstar and helps us to take care of all of our customers.


What is your best deal?

We have two hot offers for our customers:

  • We will beat any competitors price!
    • Because we love our great customers, if they find a cheaper price for the same quality installation, we will be there, Price.
  • Free installation
    • If you buy our flooring, products, installation is free. so call or text us at 816-520-0690


Are you hiring?

Wwe are always looking for high character people that we can train on Flooring. We believe we can hire character and train talent. We are looking for people who are motivated, willing to learn, and willing to do whatever it takes to serve our customers.


How long does it take for your flooring material to get here?

When we order flooring material from our suppliers, it can take anywhere from three days to a week and a half. It all depends on the type of product we are selecting, how much flooring is in stock, and how often they have delivery trucks transferring materials from one location to another. We do have a supplier that carries a deep inventory of many of the products we sell. In that case, we can get your flooring the same day if you want. Another supplier typically can have flooring to us in the next two days. we do have suppliers who can sell us almost any carpet or flooring. In these cases, the arrival time is much longer because it is coming from Georgia or California and they don’t have regular trucks. There is typically a freight fee associated with these orders, and these orders can be slow down by, holidays, or other factors.


What do you guys do most?

we install a lot of flooring. If I had to guess, I would say we primarily refinish hardwood floors, we install a lot of carpet, third would be luxury, vinyl plank, and last would be tile and stone. Hardwood floor refinishing is very common in Kansas City. Especially when we partner with remodelers, restoration companies, builders, and other businesses that need our help to improve the appearance and function of the floor. After they expand, remove walls, change island, footprints, add or remove cabinets, or correct water damage. Carpet is a staple of homes whether it’s just in the bedrooms, a statement piece on the stairs, or whether it is the whole house that is getting carpet, we love to help those customers. Though, We cannot say we have ever installed carpet in a bathroom.


Are you a franchise?

No. Our company did not start as a franchise. Flooring Butler was started by Nick Elg to the point where we are at today. Could we franchise in the future? That is a possibility. if you or someone you know are interested in starting your own flooring store, please reach out and we would be happy to figure out a way to help you.


Are you in a business network?

Yes! We believe in building relationships and helping other business owners. One group we are in is called BNI or business network international. in this group, we have connections with other companies that we would be happy to refer you to. For example, we have a real estate lender, a real estate agent, a painter, a foundation, repair company, a house, remodel, a restoration company, a roofer, a plumber/HVAC company, a pest control company, public, speaking coach, a chiropractor, an auto repair shop, a cookware specialist, a handyman, an IT specialist, a financial advisor, a real estate, appraiser, a garage floor, products, company, a professional organizer, a lawyer, a personal jeweler, a garage door company, a lighting specialist, and Electrician, a massage, therapist, insurance agents, Personal trainer, private banker, printer, credit card, specialist, supplemental insurance, and cleaning company.

Do you do anything else besides Flooring?

We specialize in flooring! In addition, you might hire us to tile your shower, put stone on your fireplace, or flooring on a wall for an accent piece. We still consider this as working with Flooring materials. Additionally, we can replace spindles on your staircase or railings. And we do have a specialist we work with to replace your railings main posts.


Why did you choose Flooring?

I chose Flooring for my business because it seem to be the surface that I interacted most with in my home and in rental properties. I thought it would be a good synergy for my rental business to be able to provide Flooring whenever it was needed.


Do you know somebody else that can help me on my home renovation project?

Yes! In my business network, I know a Painter, Electrician, a banker, a restoration specialist, a bathroom and kitchen remodel, a roofer, a window, treatment company, a plumber, a home, organizer, handyman, and much more!


What is the best type of flooring?

There is no best type of flooring. But there is a best type of flooring for you. Depending on your situation, home, and intended use and traffic, we can help you figure out what type of flooring is going to be best for you. For some people, we recommend a waterproof and scratch proof, luxury vinyl plank, when they have lots of pets and children. This flooring can be more cost-effective, and can withstand the recurring spills that are expected with children and pets.

For somebody who has a larger budget, wants a flooring that is pretty indestructible, easy to clean up, and doesn’t mind a cooler temperature in the home, we can recommend Tile . We personally put Tile in our home, and enjoy it because of its durability, and ease to clean. Because we have small children, the echoes in our house are abnormally larger because we don’t have carpet or a different type of flooring that would dampen the noise.

For our customers who want to improve the value of their home, don’t have as much foot, traffic, and want a rich, natural looking floor, we recommend hardwood. Hardwood tends to add more value to the home than they spend to add the product. This is a great option for people who want to improve the value of their home and resell ability.


Do you do hardwood floor refinishing in Kansas City?

Yes! We do hardwood floor refinishing in Kansas City. This is probably our most common service. We often help people when they have water damage in their home to repair the boards that have began to cup and crown. Many people bring us in after they purchase a new home because they want to change the color, fix the scratches, or add more hardwood to their footprint.


Do you work with general contractors, builders, and restoration companies?

Yes! We do often work with general contractors, builders, and restoration companies. These are our “golden goose” if you would. They regularly have work for us that we help them with.


Do you do commercial flooring?

Yes! We do commercial flooring. Some of our favorite companies to work with our assisted-living companies. They often have us come in and install glue down vinyl. We also like working with dentist offices, nursing homes, wedding venues, and much more.


Can you help with floor leveling?

Yes! If the home has settled overtime, we also have a foundation company we partner with to get any structural leveling completed prior to pouring self level. Our foundation partner offers 25 year warranties on their work which is more of a permanent repair than just pouring self level. Homes on a concrete slab are much easier to pour self level to even out the floor and is pretty common.


Can you remove squeaks from floors?

Yes! Typically before we install any flooring, we address any squeaks in the floor by screwing down the subfloor into the joist below. This is more common when we are removing all existing flooring because we can then address squeaks at the subfloor level. There are other projects when we can go in the basement that is unfinished and add shims to remove squeaks that way. However we typically tell people we cannot guarantee that we remove all squeaks. it is more common when we remove many squeaks, it can create new squeaks in different parts of the floor that were not there before.