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Hello there! I am so glad you found our website and we hope you will fill out the form so we can schedule your free estimate! 

Here at Flooring Butler , we believe we exist to serve you. We think you’ll enjoy this, because you will have your own personal butler taking care of you from start to finish on this upcoming project you have. When you reach out to us, we will come to your home when it is convenient for you . When we’re in your home, we will be polite and respectful. We will ask questions so we understand your situation and what product is going to be the best fit for you.

We wouldn’t be a good Flooring Butler if we didn’t communicate well so we will ask questions like “what else can I do to help? “ and “ can I repeat this back to you and make sure I understand?”. if we communicate clearly with you by asking these questions and setting expectations, we believe you will be highly satisfied with your experience. 

We are the highest rated most reviewed flooring company in Kansas City! No other company with a five star rating has more reviews than us! This didn’t happen by accident. When we come into your home, and we are hired as your Flooring Butler, we are in your corner, and we will work to make you happy.

You might be asking yourself who is a good fit to work with Flooring Butler? There are many people that will enjoy working with Flooring Butler. But one particular person will enjoy the experience most. If you have worked with a contractor before, and felt like they communicated poorly, took longer than they said they would, and made excuses, then, you will love your experience working with Flooring Butler! we understand what it’s like to work with a bad contractor and we work hard to make sure you are happy. 

Another person that would be a great fit to work with us is restoration companies. Restoration companies often are in homes that need new flooring. Whenever there is water or fire in a home it tends to damage the floor. We work really well with restoration companies too Replace the damaged floor after they have done their work. Restoration companies like working with us because we can be a one stop shop for them when their customers need hardwood floor refinishing, luxury, vinyl plank, carpet, tile, and we can rebuild showers. These restoration companies are also really happy to work with us because we communicate well with their customers, we set clear expectations, and we work to make sure they are happy.

Once you fill out the form, we will likely reach out within 24 hours to schedule your free estimate. Once we get on the phone, we Will ask you questions to make sure we understand what you were looking for, when your project is going to take place, and what samples we can bring to your home. we are usually able to schedule you within seven days for your free estimate. Once we get to your home, we will ask some questions to make sure we understand what we are looking at and then we walk around your home taking measurements using either a tape measure or laser measure and make notes about any trouble areas that need to be addressed and make note of other items that we will need to perform in order to handle your flooring. For example, when we are in your home, we will make note of any transitions that are needed, furniture that needs to be moved, appliances or toilets that need to be removed and reset, trimmed that needs to be Added, in addition to the flooring, trash that needs to be dealt with fireplaces and how we want to transition around them and much more. Once we have measured your home for the flooring project, answered your questions, and have a good understanding of your project, then we will excuse ourselves to work up the estimate. We will review the estimate with you in person or call you once we have put the numbers together And review it line by line together to make sure we are on the same page.

Once we have reviewed the estimate together and you feel good about moving forward, we will send over a link for you to pay a deposit which is typically 50% upfront and 50% upon completion. Once we have the deposit we will go ahead and order the materials for the project, once we know the arrival date of the materials, we can then schedule what day to do the install. We will typically schedule the install to be a few days after the flooring is scheduled to arrive in case there is a hiccup in the transportation, or unloading of the material. it is important to do this because Flooring often is incorrect when it arrives or is damaged or unavailable for one reason or another. So it is good when we have enough time to pivot so our cruise can continue to stay busy.

Many people ask how far out we are booked and how soon they can get on our calendar. We are typically booked out two weeks before we can start our next project, but we typically have options to move things around in the event. Somebody needs a job done really quick. However, if a new floor is being installed, it typically takes 3 to 7 days for the flooring to arrive in Kansas City for us to pick it up.

Filling out the form above is important so we know you are looking for an excellent flooring company to help you with your next project. If you feel more comfortable texting we also would invite you to text 816-520-0690 and we regularly respond within a few minutes. Again, it is important for you to fill out the form. Otherwise we are unable to connect with you and be a great resource during your current or next flooring project. We would also encourage you to fill form out to say hello, get a rough estimate for a future project,or if you have a referral for us of somebody else who wants to do a flooring project. Any of these options above we would be happy to assist and connect with you or your family and talk Flooring .

We are different in many ways from other flooring stores. With many Flooring stores, you have to go in to their physical location, and during their posted business hours. With us, we will come to your house, on your schedule, and bring you samples that you will like. If we can’t find the exact product you’re looking for we will continue to search for those and bring them to your house on an additional free appointment. Often our customers have a specific floor, color or style that they are looking for and so we can look online with them on Pinterest, other flooring, stores, Google , or from pictures at their friends house. Once we have more information about the flooring, they are looking for, we can typically find that specific flooring or something like it in a day or two, and then confirm that is what they are looking for. Once we find that flooring we can order a sample bring it to your house and show you How that looks in your space.

We tried to go above and beyond and serve our amazing customers. So why are you still waiting and reading this? I encourage you to fill out the form to request an estimate. Or you can call/text me at 816-520-0690.

In case you missed it, we invite you to fill out the form above or text 816-520-0690 to schedule your free flooring estimate. We are confident you will love your experience working with us!