Here at Flooring Butler, reviews are very important to us. If we take care of our customers, we believe the reviews will follow. The motto I regularly use is “We exist to serve you”. That’s why I chose the name Flooring Butler.

We also have the goal to become the highest-rated and most-reviewed flooring company in Kansas City. What this means is that our reviews will show prospective customers that we take pride in doing a great job and serving you as the customer.

A few of the reviews that I am most proud of are as follows.:

He owns a restoration and construction company. They reached out to us to refinish hardwoods in a very old home that they were working on. He said our pricing was great and together we walked the project and made sure we were on the same page because a lot was going on. The home had multiple different species of wood in the house, termite damage, loose Treads, and a combination of both prefinished hardwood and solid hardwood that had previously been site-finished.

When we completed his project, he told me he was so grateful that he found us for that project. He said we were the only piece he didn’t have to babysit and he knew it would get done.

I will copy and paste his review below, but he said he wanted the person who wrote my check to know what a great job we did. He appreciated that we understood how his process worked as a general contractor and that I communicated and asked for updates on how the painting and drywall were progressing so we could coordinate when we would start the hardwood floors.

We loved working for Jeremy, and we would invite any restoration company, contractor, construction company, or builder to reach out to us and see if we can make your life easier as well!


Jonathan reached out to us to get an estimate on his commercial building that he owned. The previous tenant had moved out and he was looking to update the interior. He knew in advance that he wanted a glue down vinyl and carpet squares. Put in to update the look, and still have the convenience of Carpet squares in case some got damaged he could make replacements easily.

When I met him for our estimate, I brought samples and he quickly decided on his selection. We would eventually need to change his selection as the luxury vinyl plank he liked, went out of stock, and would take longer to get to Kansas City. I helped him select a new color from the same line of flooring that he was very satisfied with, and we got it ordered. The installation went smoothly minus a toilet valve that we couldn’t get to stop 100%. We referred a plumber to him and after they fixed the valve we were able to finish the flooring! We ran out of carpet squares during the project so we recommended this great customer to order one more box of material in case there were damages in the future. Most products change dialogue colors, or go out of production and so it’s best to keep a box or two as “attic stock “ to use at a later date in case of damage.

Jonathan was so happy with us. He left us a video testimonial, expressing his gratitude and appreciation for our work. We love the Jonathan‘s of this world, because they know what they like, they are grateful for the good work we provided, Was just a great human being.

So if you own a commercial building and would like to have an updated flooring with glue down vinyl and carpet squares, we would invite you to reach out to us at 816-520-0690 to schedule your free estimate.


Sue is a great customer, who unfortunately had some water damage in her home from an appliance. The mitigation company they hired to do the demo put them through the ringer and she was very dissatisfied. By the time she found us to come in. I met with her and we talked about her project and what the best option was. We originally looked at replacing all of the flooring throughout the house , but the insurance company would not pay for the bedrooms to be done. She was talking I would imagine she would express her frustration with how long it took the remediation company and her insurance company to get a payout so she could get her floors down. She had to live on her concrete floors for multiple weeks until they approved, our flooring to be put down.

Once she gave us the greenlight, we got the flooring ordered. It arrived within the week, and we had it scheduled the day after the flooring was set to arrive. We got in and installed the flooring in one day and got most of the trim reinstalled as well. We needed to make a return trip so we could match some trim around her cabinets . Once we install the last bit of trim around her cabinets, she was very satisfied with how close and color we were able to get it and she was so happy to finally have Flooring in her home. She was so happy working with us that she did give us a video testimonial. We love working with the Sue’s of the world!


I have mentioned this customer a few times, but she has been one of our favorite customers. Mary hired us for hardwood flooring finishing in Kansas City. Additionally, she hired us to put tile on her fireplace and in her sunroom.

Mary trusted us with her home and her project while she went out of town. While she was gone, I would send her video updates and photos of the progress so she didn’t wonder what was being done in her home.
Upon completion, she wrote a glowing review for us, and continued to refer us in her local neighborhood Facebook page. We probably received two other jobs just from her testimonial.

We are fortunate to have many customers that refer us on their local Facebook page, and if you have seen one referring us, we invite you to follow their invitation and try us for your next home flooring project.

Mary M