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Hello there! Thank you for visiting us here at Flooring Butler where we believe we exist to serve you.

If you clicked on this link, you were looking to start a flooring project in your home soon. We hope you will choose us to assist on your next project. Three benefits are usually tell people they can expect when they work with us are 1. We believe we exist to serve you. 2. We provide excellent communication. 3. We are the highest rated and most reviewed flooring company in Kansas City. I believe the reason we are the most reviewed highest rated flooring company in Kansas City is because we provide excellent communication, and we have the belief that we exist to serve you. Because we believe we exist to serve you, we will go out of our way, and above and beyond to make sure you’re happy and taken care of. Similarly, our communication is second to none! We believe good communication, solve 90% of problems before they happen. And we believe good communication can solve the 10% of problems that occur because construction is an imperfect process. We hope you will give us a try so we can prove these things to you.

But enough of those benefits, you came here to hear more about Carpet! Carpet is a great solution and option for many people. The people who benefit from carpet are many. Most people have carpet in their homes and at least one room. At the very least a lot of the homes that have hard surface flooring do have carpet at least on the stairs. You will light carpet. If you prefer walking on something soft, want to reduce the echo, if you were basement, or want to feel the warmth of this type of flooring.

What exactly is Carpet? If you were asking yourself this question, then I would be surprised ha ha.. most people have experienced Carpet at some point in their life. But if you haven’t, carpet starts with a backing that has fabric/fibers woven through it. Those fibers can be cut so that fibers stand up and has what is called a “pile “that can be long or short and tight or loose. If a pattern is desired, then the fibers are not cut and it can create a visual pattern.

When is a great time to add carpet? Carpet is a great product year-round but is easier for our installers to handle and install when it is dry. The reason for this is when we bring Carpet to your house it often needs to be outside to be cut or carried in and carpet likes to soak up water. We can cut the carpet offsite using our list and then we bring an individual pieces and drop them into the rooms where they go. Most people like putting carpet in the basement because basements are typically colder, and Carpet provides some warmth and comfort. Carpet is also great if homeowners do not like echoes. If you’ve walked into a vacant house or especially a house that is built on a slab the echo can be very loud. Carpet helps to break up this echo, and provide a sound buffer.

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Kansas City Carpet 2

Where is the best place to put carpet?

Many people put carpet on the stairs because other hard surface options are significantly more expensive. Likewise, many people put carpet in the basement for the warmth and comfort it provides. On the other hand. Many customers like to put carpet in the bedrooms, because that is a safe space they would like to feel comfortable in. It might be easier to describe what where is not a good place to put carpet in that is typically in the kitchen or bathrooms. There is a time when builders would put carpet in kitchens and bathrooms, and this was a very unpopular decision, because Carpet would catch the food crumbs in the kitchen and soak up the water in the bathroom. Another place that we don’t like seeing carpet is on the wall. I left the customers home recently that had bright red carpet throughout her house, down her stairs, and on the walls in the stairway she had an incident where the bottom three stairs had to be removed and a section of carpet on the wall. I tried to encourage her to replace the carpet and pick up more modern color that did not include Carpet on the walls, but she insisted. Another benefit of going with the carpet is the cost. Carpet is typically the cheapest flooring material to install. Some installers here in Kansas City believe Carpet is priced incorrectly, and should cost more to have it installed.

Another interesting topic is carpet repairs. If you have a pad that damages a section of carpet in your home, how do you have that fixed? Well, we have a great repair specialist, who only does carpet repairs and stretching for us here in Kansas City. He often goes to our customers homes when they at hardwood because we typically stop at bedroom doors, and the carpet there needs to be stretched and tucked at the hardwood. Cats also scratch at carpet that is on the stairs or at doorways. Many times we are able to take carpet that is left over from the install to repair these damage spots. If Carpet from the install is not available, we can cut out and use carpet from a closet to make his repairs. This is the best way to do it because the carpet from your closet is the same age and can have the same die lot so it is less noticeable when we are finished with the repair.

What carpet brands do we use?

Some of the popular brands that we use include Dream Weaver, Gulistan, Shaw, Anderson Tuftex, and Fabbrica. Dream Weaver is a company that typically provides very affordable carpets. I typically start my estimates by showing this product in a 40, 50, and 60 ounce face way so customers can feel for them self the difference between these carpets. Then I typically show a Gulistan product that is a nylon product that is softer than the Dreamweaver that is made from polyester. There’s a big difference in the fiber that is polyester and nylon. Both are a man-made product, but the nylon is superior in touch and durability. Anderson Tuftex has a very popular stair carpet that we use a lot. Shaw also has many quality carpets that we have used throughout the house and on the stairs. Some homeowners that we worked with him, asked for wool carpets, which is a natural fiber that is the most expensive carpet option, but has the longest expected lifetime. If you have a sec to your house and would like to look at war, let me know in advance because I typically don’t bring the samples because the average homeowner is not wanting to spend this type of money on carpet.

I think you for taking the time to read this and visiting our website and I would invite you to call or text 816-520-0690 for your free estimate!

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