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Hi there! Welcome to Flooring Butler where we exist to serve you. To help you in your research for your upcoming flooring project I am going to tell you about what to expect during your project.
The first step in starting your hardwood floor project is reaching out to us at 816-520-0690 to schedule your free estimate. When you contact us, we will be positive, and excited to work with you on your upcoming project.

At your first estimate, we will come out, get to know you and what you are hoping to do in your project. We will give you recommendations and help you think through the details of the project. While we are there, we will measure, so we know exactly how much materials we will need, and how much work will need to be performed.

During the estimate, we will help you understand exactly what it’s going to take to complete the project which typically includes talking about price, timing, dry time for the floor, dust, and more.
Price- the main thing we try to accomplish while we are there is to get you a price so you can figure out how to make it work for your budget and timeline. We prefer to do this on the same day as the appointment so you can get to work as soon as possible.

Timing- once we have gone over the price and you tell us you want to move forward we can talk about timing and what to expect with the project. Every project is different but most often we are able to demo and prep the floor on day one, do the install on day two, send the floor down and add stain on day three, add two coats of finish on day four, and the final coat of finish on day five. This is assuming a water-based finish and typically Dries after just one to three hours. We recommend not walking on the floor with shoes until three days after we complete our work. The same goes for furniture and pets should stay off for three days as well.

Dry time- once we put the stain on the floor, it typically takes 3 to 8 hours to dry. A lot depends on the state conditions but it is important to make sure the stain has enough time to dry before applying the finish. Once we put the finish on the floor again, it depends on the product we use in the site conditions, but typically a water-based finish will dry within 1 to 3 hours. After each coat is dry, we will buff the floor before applying the next coat. This puts scratches in the floor, which allows the next coat of finish to have proper adhesion. So, there is one day when we apply two coats of finish, and there is a lot of downtime where nobody can be walking on the floor.

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Kansas City Hardwood Refinishing 2

Dust- hardwood floor refinishing projects, often create dust. Our machines do have bags on them to suck up the dust, but it is not a perfectly dustless system. We put up plastic over cabinets, pantry, food, and two separate off areas, where we do not work to help contain the dust. We have had many projects where customers say there wasn’t much dust at all, and they were expecting far worse. There are also Projects, where we all have the same process and people are very surprised about how much dust there is. So we typically recommend planning on having a cleaner come do a dusting when we are finished.

The benefits of hardwood floor refinishing are great and numerous. The three I will mention now is a great return on investment, added floor protection, for years to come, and a visual improvement to your floors. The first benefit is a great return on investment. The national Association of realtors performs a study on home improvement prices, and the average return on investment you can expect. The top two projects with the highest yield were hardwood floor refinishing and adding hardwood floor to the house. The study was recently completed in 2022 and shows that Hardwood Flooring refinishing yields 147% return on investment. Adding hardwood to the house also yields over 100% return. So if you were looking to have hardwood floor, Street, your house or refinish existing Hardwood Floors, it is a very wise decision.

The second benefit of hardwood floor refinishing is added floor protection. Hardwood Floors are a great product because you can refinish them multiple times. This is because the ware layer you have is thick enough to accommodate sanding multiple times. Hardwood floor should be refinished every 10 to 15 years or less depending on your specific activity in your home and on your floors. Homeowners can also bath and re-coat the floor periodically to extend the life of their floors.

The final benefit of hardwood floor refinishing is a visual improvement. Many homeowners when they contact us are frustrated with the color of their floors. Equally frustrating is seeing damage to the floor. It was either done by somebody else prior to purchasing the home or a consistent reminder that they damaged their floors. When we sand and refinish the floors, we are typically able to remove all of the surface. Scratches and homeowners can hire us to replace any damaged boards that would not be fixed by Hard Wood Flooring refinishing. And added bonus of hardwood floor refinishing is the cost savings. I have gone to estimate square homeowners. I have asked me to give them an estimate to remove the hardwood floors they have and to install a luxury vinyl plank product. Many of them are surprised to find that Hard Wood Flooring refinishing is a cheaper option. The reason this is possible is hardwood floor refinishing is only the labor to sand and refinish the floor. The luxury vinyl plank option, or any other new product would have to include demolition, paying for the new product, and paying for the installation of the new product.

If you were reading this, I would invite you to schedule your free estimate by texting or calling 816-520-0690. We look forward to talking with you soon.

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